What is the right way to clean aluminised jackets and coats?

What is the right way to clean aluminised jackets and coats?

The correct maintenance of PPE is one of the operations necessary to keep clothing in good condition and prevent accidents at work.

As they are special garments and composed of materials with different characteristics than normal clothing, it is essential to have a proper knowledge of what you are wearing and how to treat it so that it maintains its characteristics, thus ensuring protection and comfort.

For example, if it is not properly maintained and cleaned, an aluminised coverall can end up being very uncomfortable, but above all it can decrease the protection of the wearer.

Unlike other types of workwear, however, aluminised garments cannot be cleaned using traditional methods, which makes them difficult to clean and maintain over time.

The recommended cleaning, therefore, according to the PPE use note, can be carried out with a brush or a damp cloth; the integrity of the PPE should then be checked before use to ensure that there are no alterations, such as tears or tears, and that the label is legible.

Should even one of the above-mentioned states occur, the garments must be replaced.

But what are the categories of workers who use this type of PPE?

Aluminised PPE is often used by firefighters and steelworkers to protect themselves from radiant heat, thus working in the proximity of a heat source, even for long periods.

One only has to think of those who process molten metals in foundries or work in the iron and steel industry, the glass industry and any application where heat sources are approached and hot objects are handled.

For these and many other tasks, aluminised fabric proves to be the most effective and safe fabric for reflecting heat waves and should therefore be treated and stored in the best possible way to ensure performance.

Where can you find instructions on how to maintain and wash your safety equipment?

For Coval Safety products, instructions can be found in the instruction leaflet that accompanies each piece of PPE and on the label sewn inside.

(To learn how to read a Category III label click here).

What NOT to do when maintaining and cleaning aluminised PPE.

1. Machine washing

To avoid a decrease in radiant heat performance, if the aluminised foil is damaged.

2. Cleaning with chemicals

The use of chemical cleaning products, such as soaps, may alter the heat-resistant characteristics of these PPE.

Who is responsible for maintaining the PPE?

In Italy, maintaining PPE through maintenance, hygiene, or replacement is the obligation of the employer, as indicated in Article 77 of Legislative Decree 81/08.

However, Article 78 of Legislative Decree 81/08 stipulates that workers must take care of the PPE made available to them, not making any changes to it and immediately reporting to the employer any defect or inconvenience detected in the PPE made available to them.

Consider that each country has its own regulations.

If you have any doubts about how to clean or store your PPE, contact us and we can give you all the information.